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The scope of engagement with SCA is constructed for the specific needs and budget of the project. We are experts in our work, across many industries, so:

  • Simply use our expert assessment skills to evaluate your business needs and provide a detailed report.
  • Call on us as the architects of an ingenious action plan that we can execute ourselves or train your own genius internal team to deliver.
  • Let us roll-up our sleeves and seamlessly become a part of your skilled team, adding a new slice of capabilities and allowing you to deliver faster and better results.
Below are some areas of our expertise, but our knowledge is greater than this list. We would love the chance to hear your business needs and turn our capabilities into a tailor-made a solution that can transform your organization’s goals into fast-paced success.




The bottom-line of any endeavor is only as successful as the marketing strategy that drove the customers to the product or service. Businesses and nonprofits rely on the same thing: a knowledgeable customer base that chooses them over any other.

SCA uses a customized process of data analysis and market research to determine how to find and fill a sales funnel that will directly impact the growth of any bottom line. We’ve been called on to architect and then execute full-scale marketing plans, and we’ve been silent partners to fill in gaps for internal marketing teams.

We are specialists in: digital marketing and advertising, competitive analysis, content marketing and keep up with all of the latest analytics tools. Our real skill comes in helping clients accurately define their target markets and then designing innovative positioning. We tailor the our marketing strategies to meet any budget and ensure a brand can win in its own marketplace.


Marketing automation is a category of technology that allows companies to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows, so they can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster. SCA can integrate your CRM with the latest Marketing Automation technology by setting up, customizing, and automating innovative Sales and Marketing Automation processes and Lead Nurturing campaigns that will attract your ideal customer, cultivate them as a lead, and move them stage-by-stage through your Lead Pipeline until they are automatically handed off to your Sales Team for follow up and to create sales opportunities


We are all naturally drawn to the person who has the best news, the best pictures, the best anecdotes…in other words, the best content. Today, content is everything when trying to draw people to your company, organization, or brand.

Attracting the right band of online followers requires proficiency in how to use your company’s news to create unique, thought-provoking, relevant content that interests and engages your specific audiences. Anyone can post on social media and some of those posts might even get a fair number of eyeballs. But, consistent, compelling content that will charm your audiences into falling in love with your brand requires the practiced hand of expert communicators.

Our expert Content Strategy team helps deliver as many members of your target audience as you can handle. Right to your “doorstep” and ready to take action on your behalf.


Public Relations is always the icing on the cake. The cake is composed of the product, the people and the processes of the business or organization. Public Relations (the icing) is really what makes the cake stand out and what makes people search out our clients or jump on their bandwagons.

To establish your brand, mold public perceptions, or move target audiences to take action, public relations strategies are essential. Knowing which strategy to deploy for maximum results is our expertise. Integrating public relations into established marketing strategies is how we’ve been able to wield PR as a precision tool to move our client’s goals forward.

We’ve used our skills to change negative perceptions about: HMO’s, call-centers, teen suicide, coal and disaster relief. We’ve woven PR tactics into marketing campaigns to accelerate sales of: tablet and mobile technology, breakfast foods, golf-tournament tickets, and much more. We have also used innovative public relations to raise funds for some very remarkable causes.
Here’s an overview of our skills (without giving away our secret sauce):

  • Proven methodology of providing pinpoint accuracy of profiles for all key audiences each client needs.
  • Ability to create clear, thoughtful messages that resonate.
  • Designing the delivery mechanism that will guarantee the messages are received.
  • Continuous measurement and evaluation of impact and results.
  • Recalibrating on a dime based on the continuous evaluation of tactics as they’re being deployed.
Bottom line: PR makes the world go around. We know how to create and deploy innovative PR tactics so you are relevant in your world.


Image Management sounds like a luxury until a bad image, or a lack of image, takes a great company or organization out of service. SCA has worked with large, well-known corporations and small, new-to-the-scene groups build and grow their reputation. We get so close to our clients, we find all the exciting and beautiful parts of their organization and then help tell that to the world in a way that is meaningful and compelling.

Growing the right reputation at the right pace demands expertise in:

Understanding the marketplace and the key stakeholders; developing authentic messages that will resonate; listening with trained ears; know-how to build meaningful relationships. Keeping a reputation intact through a crisis requires the same thing, but at a different pace. We know how to do both.

Let SCA help you build your image or maneuver through a crisis on your terms.


Earning media attention for the great work our clients do has become foundational in our service offering. We help navigate the overwhelming amount of traditional and nontraditional media outlets so that a client’s messages and brand can pierce through the onslaught of information. But, our real strength is in building strong, authentic relationships with reporters. We help our clients develop the news stories, not the self-serving fluff, within their companies and organizations. Our media partners rely on us for timely, unique and complete information. Sometimes, a client comes to us for help getting out of the spotlight. We have a lot of expertise in that area as well—steering clients toward preserving their reputation while gracefully exiting public attention.


The first thing anyone does when they hear about a company or organization is go online to stalk research their purpose and see what others are saying about it.